Over the years we had the privilege to work with numerous companies from all over the world on a wide range of project ranging from EU REACH to international SDS management and authoring.

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    As we met Chementors Ltd the first time at in-cosmetics Bangkok 2015, we knew that we would have to make a full EU REACH registration for our cosmetic raw materials which we export to Europe and would need a lot of help to get it done.

    During the later several discussions we received valuable information about the REACH registration process, timelines and costs. In May 2016 we made an agreement for two full REACH registrations and Only Representative service with Chementors.

    Every time we had any questions or comments we got a fast professional replies and answers for our problems, whatever time of the day. Chementors has handled all various stages of the registration and not only that but also struggled to save our money by contacting the authorities and relevant parties in registration.

    We are now in good phase with the process, getting the registration done on time, and focusing on product manufacturing and sales. Chementors handles everything about registrations.
    Liang Huan Bin
    Hock Chemie
    As we came up with the thought to open EU markets with our cosmetic products we realized that requirements by European regulations would be strict and complicated.

    Without special consultancy the mission would have been impossible. We contacted Chementors Ltd and ever since our cooperation has been efficient and profitable. We have launched a variety of cosmetic products in Europe and under process doing more.

    Chementors is covering all regulatory issues for us and also acting as our Responsible Person in Europe. Responsible Person service is valuable and mandatory for us since we do not have any establishment in Europe. Being dynamic and customer caring company we have been really lucky to find Chementors as our partner.
    Sanjeev Bhatt
    Chementors has helped Kirjovärit Oy Finland many times in authoring and translating safety data sheets. Chementors also provides guidance in the texts of warning areas on labels, and makes chemical notifications required by the authorities on behalf of us.
    Esa Häkkinen
    Kirjovärit Oy Finland
    Frame 3
    We have been cooperating closely with Chementors since early 2015 in innovation and technology platform Smart Chemistry Park in Raisio, Finland.

    Chementors took care of all necessary steps for the REACH registration of our active substance and they are always there when we need to find ways how to comply with critical regulatory issues.

    They help us with all post-registration issues in addition to preparation and updating safety data sheets, correct transportation documents and labels. Chementors also acts as our official Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

    We appreciate their customer oriented and professional care whenever we need assistance. By leaving demanding regulatory issues to Chementors we can focus fully on developing our lubrication technology. Our cooperation with Chementors also assures our customers and partners that the products are lawfully on the market and that we care for the safety of people and the environment by complying with all regulations.
    Tanja Ilic
    Ab Nanol Techonolgies Oy

    We offer a comprehensive approach

    • We deal with every possible routine concerning chemical safety.
    • We work in close co-operation with our customers and the authorities.
    • Our network of companies has experts in various fields, so that each case is certainly treated safely and reliably.

    Cost-Efficient Process

    Our specialist team is highly qualified and experienced in the field of chemical regulations. We work in close co-operation with our customers and the authorities, enabling each assignment to be handled efficiently and as low cost as possible.

    One-Stop Service

    Our goal is to enable you to focus on your own profitable business, leaving all regulatory issues to us, on a turnkey basis. You only need to contact one person and all your chemical regulation challenges will be taken care of. This gives you the competitive edge you need for your success everywhere in the World.

    Reliable and Practical

    Our extensive in-house experience of the chemical industry enables us to provide the expert services that the industry needs. Our specialists will ensure your compliance with all of its requirements and policies.

    We are always reachable through many communication interfaces to answer all questions and inquiries. European chemical legislation being the strictest in the World you can be sure that if your product complies with European regulations, it will comply many more regulations all over the World.

    With Chementors, you can rest assured that you are always complying to the highest standards and best chemical safety practices.

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    Customer inquiries

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