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Chemeter - Excellent SDS authoring software

Chemeter is a safety data sheet software for creating your safety safety documents automatically regarding the CLP & GHS legislation.

Chemeter creates the safety data sheet by means of an automatic calculation tailored to the country where the product is placed on the market and to the specific regulations of the industry in question. Chemeter gives you the opportunity to transfer data, which means that you do not need to re-enter your product data. You can also fully integrate your production system. Combine the creation of documents (e.g. safety data sheets, labels and waybills) with your production processes, fully automatically and seamlessly.

The software will also put together labels, toxicological reports, dockets, PCN notifications and other necessary documents for you. Chemeter features numerous functionalities that make it easy to follow the current legislations. Chemeter is an innovative software specialised in the chemical industry, which has been designed to stand out in the software market. You only need to enter the substance recipe, and the software will provide you with the finished safety data sheet.

Rebecca Karjalainen

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    Applicable for mutiple industries

    • Adhesives and glues
    • Multi-sectoral additives
    • Animal feed
    • Automotive and lubricants
    • Rubber
    • Dyes and pigments
    • Enamels and frits
    • Pesticides, biocides and fertilisers
    • Textile and leather goods
    • Laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry
    • Paints, varnishes and inks
    • Cleaning products, fragrances and cosmetics
    • Building materials
    • Resins

    Regulations are constantly changing, Chemeter is always ready for a change!

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    Chementors là một công ty dịch vụ, hoạt động toàn cầu hổ trợ cho tất cả những doanh nghiệp trong các ngành công nghiệp.

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    R&D Simulator

    The Chemeter R&D simulator creates prototypes of formulas to check their properties in advance. This avoids the need for trials and saves on human resources.

    Latest Technologies

    Chemeter works with a reliable and cutting-edge platform. This guarantees an optimal, agile, dynamic and flexible operation which is fully integrated with computer systems.

    Poison Centre Notifications (PCN)

    Chemeter can also compile and send PCN data to all EU poison centres.

    Transport documents

    Chemeter is able to automatically classify the data of goods (ADR/RID, IMDG and IATA) and create transport documents according to ADR regulations, thereby eradicating the need to enter data manually

    Siam® Database

    Chemeter has a substances library which is constantly updated and verified by experts. This ensures that your safety documentation is correct without having to manually enter any data. Our substances library includes:

    • Classification of substances according to each country’s regulations (Annex VI of Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP)), REACH registration dossier in Europe, NITE in Japan, etc.).
    • Toxicological properties (acute toxicity LD50/LC50).
    • Ecotoxicological properties (LC50/EC50, BCF, biodegradability, etc.).
    • Workplace exposure limits for more than 50 countries.
    • National inventories (TSCA, Proposition 65 in USA, etc.).