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Case Study: Introducing Laboratoires Prodene Klint

Cooperating since




Laboratoires Prodene Klint, a GOJO family company

The French company Laboratoires Prodene Klint was founded in 1973 and specialises in professional and consumer hygiene products with a vast selection of disinfectant and cosmetic products. As a leader in the market in France, skin hygiene and disinfectant products manufactured by Laboratoires Prodene Klint are used in healthcare, food industry and institutional settings.

In 2014 Laboratoires Prodene Klint became part of the GOJO family joining forces in the skin health and hygiene product field. GOJO Industries, Inc was founded in 1946 and is an American company famous for its GOJO® and PURELL® brands and overall hygiene solutions. Products manufactured by GOJO Industries, Inc are used in hospitals, restaurants, schools, businesses, airports, entertainment venues, and homes throughout the world.

Bringing hygiene products to the Finnish market

Products manufactured by Laboratoires Prodene Klint and GOJO are distributed widely across Europe, including Finland which is Chementors’ home base. The hygiene products contain biocides which must fulfill the requirements of Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012).

In addition to this the product’s manufacturer or importer must make a Chemical Notification and annually inform to the Finnish safety and chemical agency Tukes of the quantities of biocidal products that they have placed on the market in Finland. The information will be reported through the KemiDigi system.

Laboratoires Prodene Klint wants to handle the biocidical duties on behalf of all their importers, to assure everything is top notch and ready for the products’ distribution. As a result, they asked Chementors for our expertise and help handling the Finnish Chemical Notifications for their clients’ Finnish chemical regulation.


Cooperation with Chementors

Chementors handles the Chemical Notifications as well as the annual quantity information with each of the importers on behalf of Laboratoires Prodene Klint, communicating with Tukes when needed allowing Laboratoires Prodene Klint to focus on their core business.

Cooperation between Laboratoires Prodene Klint and Chementors will continue on as the GOJO products’ markets expand and grow in Finland.

Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.