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Chementors Ltd wants to actively promote the protection of vulnerable nature and human health. Most importantly, we don’t do it only for us but for the future generations. Above all,  Chementors is your reliable partner helping to overcome the legal barriers of the European chemical legislation.

The description of our team is a core of Finnish experts spiced up with international members. Therefore you can contact us in Finnish, Swedish, English, French, Spanish or Vietnamese.

Please take a look of our team members and locations below. In addition, you can use the form to contact us.

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    Other Contacts

    Jani Määttä

    Chief Executive Officer

    Phone +358 40 715 9317
    [email protected]
    Finnish | English

    Jan Nylund

    COO, Senior Specialist

    Phone +358 40 747 3393
    [email protected]
    Finnish | Swedish | English

    Antti Aalto

    Chemeter Specialist

    Phone | WhatsApp +358 440 996969
    [email protected]
    WeChat: A44996969
    Finnish | English

    Petri Mäkinen

    Business Development Administrator

    Phone +358 40 828 0238
    [email protected]
    Finnish | English

    Jesus Arroyo

    REACH Specialist

    Phone +358 50 436 9440
    [email protected]
    English | Spanish

    Cosmetics and DGSA specialist

    Satu Salomäki

    Cosmetics and DGSA Specialist

    Phone +358 50 300 3663
    [email protected]
    Finnish | English

    Mi Nguyen

    Technical Specialist

    Phone +84 70 888 2744
    [email protected]
    English | Vietnamese

    Prasanna Sakha

    REACH specialist

    Phone +358 50 375 88 79
    [email protected]
    English | Hindi

    Our regulatory experts are available at offices: 

    Head office

    Chementors Ltd.
    Smart Chemistry Park
    Raisionkaari 55
    21200 Raisio

    [email protected]

    Business ID Number: 2457570-6

    Chementors Office Finland

    Chementors SEA Co., Ltd:

    Ms. Trần Thị Đan Trinh

    SAV8-20.11 Tower 8, Novaland – The Sun Avenue
    28 Duong Mai Chi Tho, Ward An Phu, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

    [email protected]


    Mr. Antti Aalto, Key Account Director/ Partner

    Chementors Hong Kong Ltd.:

    Rooms 1318-20, Hollywood Plaza,
    610 Nathan Road, Mongkok,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R.

    Business ID Number: 65045445

    Mr. Antti Aalto, Key Account Director/ Partner

    • Phone: +358 440 996969
    • WhatsApp: +358 440 996969
    • WeChat A44996969
    • antti.aalto(at)
    Chementors Hong Kong office