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EU REACH compliance assessment services

We assist customers with the EU REACH compliance assessment, declaration services, and the EU REACH certificate, to ensure legal compliance in the supply chain.  Contact us and let our experts handle your EU REACH compliance matters.

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    Our compliance assessment and declaration services

    We take care of the complete REACH registration process from scratch or certain parts of it based on our client’s needs. Our ultimate mission is to enable our clients to focus on their own business while leaving all REACH issues to us on a turnkey basis.

    EU REACH compliance consulting services

    Among our REACH services, Chementors offers the EU REACH compliance assessment and declaration services. This particular task is to serve the needs of customers who would like to thoroughly comprehend their legal responsibilities under EU REACH regulations, and be ensured that their products and business activities in the EU market fully comply with the EU REACH regulations.


    Our specialists take care of your EU REACH compliance projects

    Our REACH team is made up of specialists with a background in chemistry and toxicology and in-depth experiences in EU-REACH regulations. Some of our team members are also former specialists at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Since 2012, we have been handling REACH registration matters for more than 100 cases on various product types for different clients around the world.

    Every project is a specific case study. Therefore, depending on the client’s needs and related data on the chemicals, we shall assess and provide consultancy case by case.

    Our goal is to help customers be fully compliant with the EU REACH regulations and obtain the EU REACH Certificate. We take care of your REACH compliance management.

    Coming into force in 2007, REACH regulations apply to the production, import, placing on the market, and use of chemical substances on their own, in mixtures, or in articles in quantities of one tonne or more per year. Such chemicals must be registered under REACH before being placed on the EU market.

    We are experts in EU REACH matters and can act as your REACH Only Representative in Europe. Let us help you manage the complex requirements of EU REACH compliance.

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    REACH lays down specific registration obligations to entities depending on their roles in the supply chain. REACH also sets exemption conditions that depend specifically on the type, nature, and certain uses of the chemical.

    For instance, registration can be waived for substances intended to be used for product and process-oriented research and development (PPORD) within a period. REACH also sets out terms and conditions regarding certain types of chemicals such as polymers, monomers, intermediates, by-products, certain substances occurring in nature, etc.

    There are also special terms and conditions aiming at articles containing substances of very high concern (SVHC) which are in the Candidate List published by ECHA. Depending on the annual tonnage, the release scenarios during use, and the concentration limit of the substance, the registration or notification obligation shall be applied.

    Enterprises are responsible for assessing and ensuring that their chemicals are fully compliant with REACH not only at the starting point but also throughout the period and, in some cases, throughout the supply chain. Therefore, enterprises must provide adequate scientific judgments based on facts and figures.

    Due to the complexity of REACH terms and conditions, both EU and non-EU enterprises may find it challenging to be sure:

    • about their roles and responsibilities under REACH.
    • if any of their chemicals must be registered or notified given the supply model, the manufacturing process, and the product formulation.
    • if any of their chemicals meet the exemption conditions given the type, the nature, and the uses.

    After all, enterprises are seeking an ultimate answer to confirm whether they need to fulfill any legal duty under EU-REACH or whether they can legally manufacture, import, and/or place the chemical in the EU territory. 

    Chementors is here to provide the compliance assessment and answers to these questions.

    ”Enterprises are responsible for assessing and ensuring that their chemicals fully meet the exemption conditions not only at the starting point but also throughout the period and the supply chain. Therefore, companies must provide scientific judgments”

    The services include

    EU REACH compliance assessment

    Based on data and information provided by clients, data from published literature, modeling software, and the corresponding terms and conditions set in the regulation, we shall conduct a comprehensive assessment to figure out:

    • the role and corresponding legal duties of the client under REACH
    • among chemicals, to be manufactured, imported, and/or placed on the EU territory, which chemicals have already fulfilled the registration obligations, which have not yet, and what are the next steps.
    • among chemicals, to be manufactured, imported, and/or placed on the EU territory, which chemicals could be exempted from the registration and the corresponding exemption conditions/procedure apply to such cases.
    • among articles, to be manufactured, imported, and/or placed on the EU territory, which articles contain substances of very high concern, that are subject to registration or notification obligation, and what are the next steps.

    Our EU REACH compliance verification is a process of applying scientific judgment, via the weight of evidence approach, on all existing data to ensure the quality of the evidence and the consistency of the result. We provide compliance reporting and consulting with all relevant justifications.

    “We assess all existing data using scientific judgment to provide adequate and reliable compliance results. We offer compliance consulting with sufficient justifications”

    EU REACH Certificate

    Upon request, based on the assessment outcomes Chementors can provide the EU-REACH certificate of compliance to show that the chemical is compliant with the corresponding REACH terms and conditions, such as:

    The EU REACH certificate is a communicative means which could be passed down to the supply chain for reference.

    Chementors in numbers:

    Since 2012, we have successfully completed more than 100 REACH registration projects including PPORD for clients in more than 15 countries in the world.

    We also have acted as the Only Representative for several companies established outside the EU.

    REACH registrations
    countries in the world

    EU REACH compliance training

    We are experienced in organizing REACH compliance training for private companies as well as for state-own entities. Depending on the customer’s needs and roles in the supply chain, the training topics & contents could be customized, for example:

    Understanding REACH regulation

    Understanding your roles and responsibilities under REACH regulation

    Understanding all exemption conditions

    What is PPORD and how to get benefits from that type of exemption

    How to determine which chemicals are subject to the registration

    Alternatives when an article contains SVHC

    to name but a few.

    We aim to provide both general views of the process and key relevant points to customers’ projects. The training can be conducted onsite or online.


    Yes, it is. EU-REACH compliance is a legal obligation applied to the manufacture, import, placing on the market, and use of chemical substances on their own, in mixtures or articles in quantities of one tonne or more per year. Non-compliance with the provisions of REACH can lead to the top of sales/importing/manufacturing, the withdrawal of products, and/or other penalties.

    There is no fixed list of information or document that should be provided to do the compliance assessment. When it is possible, it would be very useful for us to get some of the following information:

    • The supply chain model of the product in question
    • The product formulation
    • Name and CAS/EC numbers of the constituents
    • Overall manufacturing process
    • The estimated annual quantity exported to the EU market
    • Any available test reports, certificates, and documents from the suppliers of the raw materials or importers

    We can also support clients to fulfill missing data by literature search and, if necessary, by modeling.

    Once a chemical meets the registration requirement, it is the legal duty of the enterprise to register the chemical per REACH regulation. The registration shall be done by an EU manufacturer, EU importer, or via an EU-based Only Representative who acts on behalf of the non-EU enterprise to fulfill the registration obligation.

    REACH registration and Only Representative are our key services. We are fully qualified to act as your REACH Only Representative for the European market. Please visit the link for more information on our REACH registration service.

    The EU REACH certificate is a document to declare that a substance, a mixture, or an article fully meets the criteria set in the corresponding EU REACH terms and conditions.

    For instance, the REACH registration compliance certificate certifies that a substance, with its given nature, uses & exposures scenarios, manufacturing process, product formulation, etc., satisfies the REACH exemption condition, therefore, it is exempted from the registration obligation.


    The EU REACH certificate functions as a communicative means which could be passed down to stakeholders in the supply chain for reference to facilitate trading activities.



    We can assist you to provide a declaration of compliance to confirm that the article fully meets the requirements of the EU REACH on SVHC and obtain the REACH SVHC Certificate. The process starts with assessing relevant information such as:

    • Bill of materials (BOM) of the article
    • Analytical data
    • Estimated quantity per annum
    • Expected uses and exposure scenarios

    For more details about the process and necessary information, please visit the link on our SVHC declaration of compliance service.

    With Chementors, you can rest assured that you are always complying with the highest standards and best EU REACH practices.

    Contact us for your REACH NEEDS

    Customer inquiries

    Phone +358 44 974 0601
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