Declaration to Vietnam National Chemical Inventory (NCI)

Declaration to Vietnam National Chemical Inventory (NCI)

Declaration to Vietnam National Chemical Inventory (NCI) portal is required before customs clearance to Vietnam market area.

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    Chementors provides the key to enter Vietnam market area. We offer consultation and we handle each step in the whole process tailored to customer’s needs. NCI declaration has to be performed by an importer having legal entity status in Vietnam prior to customs clearance. In addition, annual reports on chemical-related activities in the previous year is required to be submitted through NCI portal.

    ...with Chementors SEA Co., Ltd

    Chementors SEA Co., Ltd with local partners in Vietnam have many years of experience in preparing documents and technical aspects to NCI declaration and annual reporting for domestic and foreign enterprises, in accordance with the local regulations.

    Chementors can communicate with Vietnam importers and handle the whole process of declaration and reporting to NCI portal.

    Who, what, when

    NCI declaration applies to each substance in the products regardless its annual tonnage. Chemical importers shall declare imported chemicals through NCI portal prior to customs clearance. Chementors can assist on this.

    The process

    Required documents for NCI declaration:

    Chementors can take care of the whole process of the NCI declaration. It also includes reporting on chemical-related activities before January 15 every year and legal entities shall submit reports on their chemical-related activities in the previous year through the NCI portal.

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