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    My Business and Chemicals – What Do I Need to Know?

    What are the legal requirements for companies that use chemicals? What about storage and transportation? What permits or certificates do I need and where do I get them? What documents does the company need? Which authority oversees which operations?

    The list of questions is long. Many companies have skilled staff, but as laws and requirements keep changing at an accelerating pace, it’s challenging for a single company to try to keep up with the changes while maintaining the focus on its profitable business.

    This is where Chementors comes in. If you are looking into chemical management for your own company and would like to know how to survive in the jungle of legislations, we are more than happy to help. Or if you already have the knowledge and resources for managing your chemicals but would like to clarify some issues and make sure you are up to date, Chementors can also help you with that. We can go through all issues you may have concerning chemicals to make sure that all the legal and regulatory requirements are completely met regarding your specific type of business. Together we can dive into the details of for example the requirements of the safety data sheets and labeling as well as other documents such as applications for authorization.

    Contact us and let us show you how to overcome your chemical safety issues!

    Support Center Service by Chementors is answer to all your questions, troubles and headaches.

    Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of laws concerning chemical safety in Europe and throughout the world.

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