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Chementors helps companies navigate the jungle of laws concerning chemical and product safety. Our service includes a comprehensive approach: Chementors takes care of all possible routines concerning chemical safety on a turnkey basis while promoting circular economy and sustainable development.

Chementors is a global, Finland-based company uniting the world in the field of chemical safety. Due to globalization and the GHS system behind different chemical legislations, Chementors’ operations are not limited to one segment or country market area. We globally assist our customers to meet different increasingly demanding challenges regarding chemical and environmental safety.

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    Mission statement

    Chementors Oy helps companies survive the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.
    Chementors’ ultimate mission is to enable clients to focus on their own profitable business, leaving every chemical regulatory issue to Chementors, on a turnkey basis.

    Vision statement

    Chementors enhances the protection of vulnerable nature and valuable human health with the guidance of chemical and product safety regulations. We do this with our clients, partners, and people, united as one.

    Our vision is to cover all possible routines for our clients related to global chemical and environmental safety to make the world a safer place to live. With experiences of living in Finland with pure natural raw materials and fresh air, we want the whole world to experience the same.


    Cost Effective Process

    Our specialist team is highly qualified and experienced in the field of chemical safety consulting, enabling each assignment to be handled efficiently and as low cost as possible.

    One-Stop Service

    Our goal is to enable you to focus on your own profitable business, leaving all regulatory issues to us, on a turnkey basis.

    Reliable and Practical

    Chementors’ extensive in-house experience can provide a large scale of expert services the industry needs, utilizing our extensive network of specialists. We are always reachable through many communication interfaces to answer all questions and inquiries. We mentor our clients - we do more than is requested.

    About Chementors

    Our history

    Chementors Ltd was established in 2012 in Finland with a deep understanding and experience of the chemical regulation challenges that chemical manufacturers and traders face. We started in Finland and expanded to Hong Kong in 2015 and Vietnam in 2017. We have built many partnerships with professionals around the world in the field of chemical and product safety.

    We help our clients to face all chemical regulatory challenges through a team of very experienced professionals.

    About Chementors

    Who we serve

    We have clients in many industrial fields. Our core customers are chemical substance and mixture manufacturers from all around the world. We also help EU importers and distributors with legal duties and assist article manufacturers and traders.

    Key services

    We offer a wide variety of services regarding chemical and environmental safety for all industrial clusters. Our headquarters are in Finland, therefore we are experts in European chemical legislation and can also act as a legal representative for non-EU companies. We also operate globally via our branches in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

    Our Team

    Chief Executive Officer

    Phone: +358 40 715 9317
    Finnish | English


    COO, Senior Specialist

    Phone +358 40 747 3393
    Finnish | Swedish | English | German

    SDS/Chemeter Specialist

    Phone | +358 9 2316 7090
    Finnish | English

    Senior Toxicologist, REACH & BPR Specialist

    Phone +358 50 375 88 79
    English | Nepalese

    REACH & Vietnam chemical regulation Specialist

    Phone +84 39 6169 628
    English | Vietnamese

    Cosmetics and DGSA Specialist

    Phone +358 50 300 3663
    Finnish | English

    Office and Marketing Administrator

    Phone +84 93 222 9605
    Finnish | English

    Key Account Manager

    Phone +358 44 974 0601
    Finnish | English | French

    REACH Specialist
    English | Spanish

    Chementors in numbers:

    Since 2012, Chementors has accomplished over 100 REACH registrations and authorized and translated over 10000 SDS documents. We have also been involved in dozens of biocidal product registrations. We have over 300 customer partnerships and many chemical safety consulting partnerships around the world.

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