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Case Study: Our partner Jarmat Oy

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Safety Data Sheets

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Jarmat Oy, founded in the early 1990s, is a producer of environmentally friendly lubricants, marking inks and heat transfer agents. Jarmat develops innovative products by utilizing industrial by-products that are harmless to humans and nature. As a result, the efficiency of Jarmat’s industry-leading products are combined with the smallest possible environmental impact.

Jarmat has ensured that their completely oil-free products possess excellent performance, providing the best possible solution for every situation and customer need. This is also how Jarmat’s well-known brand, the biodegradable Cobiolube product family, was born. The Cobiolube products have been developed and tested in the harsh and demanding Finnish weather conditions.

High-quality safety documents for high-quality products

Companies with a wide range of products may find it challenging to maintain up-to-date safety documents. Updating Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for example requires expertise and resources, which means time away from running the core business itself.

Safety Data Sheets must be prepared in accordance with local regulations and according to the country’s language requirements. When the product is marketed in different countries, the safety data sheet must be translated into the correct language and correspond to the country’s specific legislation.

The Safety Data Sheet is also a living document that should be updated frequently. Legislation and the requirements for the content of the Safety Data Sheet are constantly changing, and the company must always be able to provide its customers with up-to-date SDS’s.


Cooperation brings solutions

Jarmat and Chementors collaborate on the Safety Data Sheets for Jarmat’s international products. Chementors makes sure that the SDS’s of the high-quality products are legal and up-to-date. Chementors will continue to prepare, translate and update Jarmat’s Safety Data Sheets also in the future as the cooperation continues.


“We are happy that Chementors handles the required safety data sheets for us”, says Matti Kyllönen.

a safety data sheet folder

Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.