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Case Study: Finn-Elox Oy, a pioneer in heavy duty cleaning

Cooperating since




The Finnish company Finn-Elox Oy manufactures and markets professional cleaning and maintenance chemicals with over 20 years of experience. Finn-Elox’s three largest customer groups are transporation vehicles, agriculture and forest machinery. Finn-Elox manufactures alkaline and acid detergents for milking robots, washing and polishing agents for trucks and machinery and wood marking colors for forestry machines.

Finn-Elox proudly offers responsibly manufactured products and services with guaranteed high quality and safety. Therefore, Finn-Elox ensures that their customers and partners are also part of the company’s responsible program: taking into account the environment and human occupational safety.

“We make sure that our products serve their purpose, are safe to use and are environmentally compliant,” says Finn-Elox on its website.

Detergents and legislation

Companies that manufacture and sell cleaning and maintenance chemicals must comply with a number of regulations depending on what chemicals their products contain.

The products must have appropriate and updated safety data sheets, which must also always be distributed to business customers who buy them. However, preparing safety data sheets is time consuming and it requires special expertise and high-quality software.

Manufacturers, importers and repackagers must also report mixtures that have a health or physical hazard to the Poison Notification Centres (PCN) in the EU/EEA countries where the mixture is placed on the market. Compiling the PCN with correct and sufficient information requires expertise, time and resources from companies that supply chemicals.

If the company’s products contain approved active biocidal ingredients (those on the so-called Article 95 list), the products must be registered in accordance with the Biocides Product Regulation (BPR; Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012). In order to ensure a high level of protection for people and nature, all biocidal products and active substances must be approved by the authorities for each defined product group before the products can be placed on the market.


Cooperation brings solutions

Finn-Elox and Chementors have been cooperating since 2012. Finn-Elox uses Chemeter, the software represented by Chementors, to prepare, translate and update safety data sheets. Chementors is also responsible for the training of users of Finn-Elox’s Chemeter software. Chementors acts as a support service in all matters related to safety data sheets and the Chemeter software.

Chementors also prepares Finn-Elox’s PCN notifications and biocidal product registrations (BPR). In connection with these, Chementors also organizes product testings and takes care of communication with the authorities.

In this way, Finn-Elox can focus on the marketing and sales of their high-quality products, when the necessary permits and notifications have been handled appropriately.

“Chementors has helped us both in matters related to the management of safety data sheets, as well as in biocide product registrations and Poison Centre Notifications. Our long cooperation continues, ensuring the the legal compliance and high quality of our products in the future as well,” says Jussi-Pekka Martikainen, CEO of Finn-Elox.

Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.