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Case Study: Emendo Oy

The best Finnish sauna experience with Emendo’s safe wellness products

A warm fragrant sauna and the pure freshness of nature. These cornerstones of Finnishness have long created feelings of well-being and detachment from everyday life for many. Bathing in a sauna is proven to have numerous health benefits.

Our partner Emendo raises the sauna experience to a new level with its safe and invigorating sauna fragrances.
Emendo wants to help people find balance in their lives with products that promote relaxation. Behind Emendo’s birch leaf brand lies more than twenty years of experience in sauna and wellness products. In addition to sauna fragrances, Emendo has a wide variety of other sauna and wellness products, such as essential oils and Emendo’s well-known wheat cushions.

Emendo Oy


Safety data sheets , PCN notification, KemiDigi notification

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Cooperation with Chementors

Emendo uses genuine 100% essential oils in its products as much as possible and is constantly exploring new possibilities to use ever more renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials.With these principles, Emendo, the market leader in Finnish sauna products, is constantly developing new and interesting wellness products.

Chementors, on the other hand, has prepared legal documents for Emendo’s products required by different chemical legislation, such as safety data sheets, poison center notifications, and Finland’s national Kemidigi notifications

Chementors will continue to update all information as required by law, allowing Emendo to focus on creating the world’s best sauna experiences in the future as well.

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