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Case Study: BLCS Fuel Optimizer Oy

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Safety data sheets, PCN, KemiDigi

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BLCS Fuel Optimizer Oy enhances fuel efficiency and cuts costs

Finnish company BLCS Fuel Optimizer Oy is a pioneer in fuel optimization solutions. BLCS Fuel Optimizer manufactures and sells fuel performance-enhancing additives that optimize the efficiency and fuel consumption of engines. As a result, their products bring significant savings in fuel, maintenance, and repair costs.


BLCS Fuel Optimizer’s clients include, for example, transport companies, farms, and land construction companies. The BLCS product family includes Diesel Booster and Gasoline Booster developed by the company to serve the needs of different types of customers.

As a responsible company, BLCS Fuel Optimizer makes sure their products are safe for users and the environment, by complying with relevant chemical safety regulations.

Meeting the legal requirements

Like many other companies in the chemical industry, companies that offer diesel and gasoline additives must also ensure that their products are safe to use. Consequently, it is necessary to ensure that the products meet all regulations, requirements, and reporting obligations that apply to them. Products that are distributed to customers must also be properly labeled and documented.

However, as meeting these requirements requires resources and expertise, outsourcing is often the best solution.

Cooperation with Chementors

Chementors has prepared safety data sheets, submitted Poison Centre Notifications (PCN) of hazardous mixtures to the Poison Information Centers, and also submitted annual quantity information to the Finnish KemiDigi system for BLCS Fuel Optimizer’s products. This ensures that the safe use and handling of the products are properly documented and that the whole supply chain receives the necessary information about the safe use of BLCS’s products.


As a result of the cooperation, BLCS Fuel Optimizer meets all regulations and requirements related to the chemical industry, which guarantees the company’s reputation as a reliable and responsible operator. Also, by leaving the preparation of safety data sheets and reporting obligations in the chemical industry to Chementors, BLCS Fuel Optimizer can focus exclusively on the development and marketing of their products.

”Our cooperation with Chementors has gone really well and smoothly. We are very pleased to receive assistance for example in preparing safety data sheets from genuine chemical safety professionals.” says BLCS’s CEO Petteri Harju.

The cooperation between Chementors
and BLCS Fuel Optimizer will continue in the future as well, together ensuring
safe and sustainable business in the fuel optimization market.

Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.