Training Services

We organize chemical safety training services for businesses and e.g. universities related to chemical affairs.

We can update chemical know-how in this ever-changing world. Contact us and we will tailor a training package that suits you and meets your company’s needs.


There are several elements we can administrate briefings on, such as:

  • Overall chemical management know-how trainings and mentoring
      • Regulatory issues
      • Supply chain communication
      • Import / Export knowledge
  • REACH and GHS trainings
  • Declaration of Compliance for an article
      • We can help you to have the full compliance for any market
      • SVHC screening and possible acts required
  • Requirements of the ADR
      • Documentation for customs and other authorities, requirements for safe transportation
  • Biocidal Product Registration (BPR)
      • Active Substance registration process
      • Building a consortium to share costs

We can tailor a chemical safety training package using several elements or focusing on the relevant issues, all based on your needs and wishes.

Training event can be held at our facility in Raisio, Finland or alternatively any location which better meets your wishes or requirements. Also, webinar style training is possible at any time of the day.

Training session can be intensive one day/two day event or in webinar style divided to several short sessions.

Mentoring for success in chemical playground