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Case Study: Radico

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EU REACH, Cosmetics

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Introducing Radico

Radico is an Indian based, multinational company established in 1992 that is specializing in organic cosmetics, specifically natural hair colours. Radico is a pioneer in creating unique and high-quality organic products with the help of extensive research and the philosophy of Ayurveda medicine. 


Radico’s all natural and certified hair colours contain no synthetic chemicals and have received an excellent response from the global market. As a responsible company, Radico strongly believes that “Organic Is Real Natural”.


European regulations also affect natural chemicals

Even some natural and organic chemical products must be REACH compliant when they are marketed in Europe. This requires extensive resources and knowledge in European chemical regulations and is often time and money consuming to companies aiming for the European market.

To comply with article 8 of the REACH regulation 1907/2006, companies outside the EEA must also appoint a European to carry out their EU REACH matters. An only representative entity will then have to carry out the registration procedures under REACH on behalf of the company they are representing.

Marketing of cosmetic products in Europe also requires a responsible person (or entity) in Europe to act as the representative of the company within the European market. The responsible person must then ensure that the cosmetic products they place on the European market are fully compliant and safe for human health.

Chementors and Radico

As a European company, Chementors is fully equipped and qualified to act as an only representative for non-EEA companies according to the REACH regulation. Chementors has acted as Radicos only representative since 2014 handling the company’s   registration matters with care. Chementors also acts as Radico’s responsible person within the field of European cosmetic regulations.

“Chementors is covering all Cosmetic and REACH regulatory issues for us, as well as acting as our Responsible Person and Only Representative in Europe. Being a dynamic and customer caring company we have been really lucky to find Chementors as our partner”, says Sanjeev Bhatt, CEO of Radico.

Chementors is looking forward to continuing the cooperation with Radico, handling their REACH and cosmetic regulation matters as their only representative and responsible person in the future as well. Together the two companies bring unique and high-quality products to European consumers while ensuring the safety and compliance according to the high European standards.

Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.