Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring and Translation Services


Chementors will help you comply with all regulatory Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is a standard represented by the United Nations to globally standardise and harmonise the classification and labelling of chemicals. The European version of GHS is the Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) which regulates the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of the product.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Material Safety Data Sheet is a “living document” and needs regular update.


How to comply with GHS?

Chementors is your reliable help for high-class safety data sheet authoring.  Even more, we include the document with national legislation. As a result, you will ensure compliance with labelling and packaging requirements worldwide. We provide you with SDS´s which are not only up to date and flawless but also visually attractive. Furthermore, we compile SDS´s in all EU languages, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and many many more.

We handle the updating of your SDS documents and make sure you and your customers have the latest versions at hand. Also, safety data sheets provided by Chementors includes your logo and colour theme. Surely, you want your safety documents in line with your brand. We help you author extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS) with incorporated exposure information or attached separate exposure scenarios.

Chementors provides Safety Data Sheet (SDS) translations according to the legislation of over 60 countries.

• Argentina
• Australia
• Austria
• Bangladesh
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Bulgaria
• Canada
• Chile
• China
• Colombia
• Cyprus
• Costa Rica
• Croatia

• Czech Republic
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• India

• Indonesia
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• Pakistan
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• Spain
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• Thailand
• The Netherlands
• The Ukraine
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• United Kingdom
• Uruguay
• USA (United States of America)
• Vietnam

Safety Data Sheet authoring (SDS and eSDS)

In Europe, the REACH regulation (EC No. 1907/2006) determines the content of the SDS while the CLP regulation determines the classification and labelling to be given in the SDS. Therefore, the supplier of a substance or mixture have to provide a valid safety document. The supplier has to supply the SDS document before or at time of the first delivery of a chemical, in paper or electronic format.

According to the REACH regulation, you will need Extended Safety Data Sheet (eSDS) if a substance is put on the market in amounts of 10 tons/year or more and it has hazardous classification. Hence, relevant parts of the exposure scenarios have to be attached also to SDS´s for mixtures if eSDS´s for the substances in the mixtures are available.

Why to choose Chementors?

First of all, Chementors experts are very familiar with the challenges the GHS regulation may place on clients. Furthermore, we have up-to-date SDS authoring systems that allow us to efficiently create legal SDS´s for you, translated in several different languages and for many market areas. Also, we can help you review your SDS´s to make sure they fulfil all legal requirements and when applicable, we will discuss relevant issues with your suppliers.

Chementors will ensure you have all the necessary and required information on labels and packages. Even more, we can also advise on different options on labelling and classification. If necessary, we will help you modify and reformulate your product to “minimize” classification or to substitute troublesome or toxic components.

Finally, our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) services include maintenance and delivering SDS´s to end clients on behalf of our customer. This is the most efficient way to deal with your safety document management. Whenever the you update the document, your customer will need the latest version as well.

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