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A safety data sheet (SDS) is a “living document” and must be updated regularly. Let us take care of your company’s safety data sheets, your compliance with packaging regulations and labeling requirements!

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    SDS Compliance with the law

    Our experts prepare safety data sheets (SDS) according to local GHS regulations (CLP in Europe).

    SDS Translations

    We can translate and compile SDSs for you according to the legislation of more than 60 countries.

    SDS Customization

    We will build you an SDS service package according to your needs.

    The Chementors team will help you with the following:

    What is a safety data sheet (SDS/mSDS)?

    The purpose of the safety data sheet (SDS / MSDS) is to provide instructions for the safe use of chemicals. The safety data sheet is a document that gives information to the user of the chemical about its dangers, safe handling, storing, and proper disposal.

    SDSs are intended for professional users and handlers of chemicals and should always be received from the supplier of the chemical in question. The safety data sheet is not primarily intended for consumers, but it should also be provided to them upon request.

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    The REACH regulation (EU 1907/2006) determines the content of the safety data sheets, and the CLP regulation in the European Union (EU 1272/2008) in turn defines the classification and labeling instructions presented in the SDSs. Safety data sheets should be updated frequently so that they correspond to current regulations and the concentrations of the chemicals or mixtures in the product.

    Safety Data Sheet authoring service

    Under different national and regional GHS, it is required to provide a compliant safety data sheet to downstream users in the supply chain. 

    Safety data sheet as a legal obligation

    Following the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), a standard developed by the United Nations to globally standardize and harmonize the classification and labelling of chemicals, different countries and regions in the world have implemented country or region-specific versions of GHS. Under most national or regional GHSs, it is a legal obligation to provide the safety data sheet (SDS) of the product to downstream users in the supply chain.

    The safety data sheet should be compiled in a way that meets the requirements set out in the local regulation. Basically, the SDS should provide information on the intrinsic properties of the substance or mixture; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; instructions for safe handling, storing, transport, and disposal; first-aid, firefighting, and exposure control measures. In most country and region-specific GHS regulations, a safety data sheet should be composed in the official language(s) of the country where the product is placed on the market.

    In Europe, the requirements on the format and content of a safety data sheet are regulated by the REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, while the criteria for classification and labelling of substances and mixtures are determined by the CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. In addition, according to the REACH regulation, an extended safety data sheet (eSDS) is required if a substance is put on the market in the quantity of 10 tons per year or more and the substance is classified as hazardous. In such cases, exposure scenarios should be attached to the SDS as an annex.

    We offer GHS-compliant SDS authoring service

    Due to the importance of SDS to the protection of human health and the environment, it is critical that the document is prepared by a competent person. At Chementors, we are fully conscious of this basic. Our team consists of experts who have in-depth knowledge both in chemistry and chemical regulations, experience in SDS authoring, and receive fundamental training and refresher training to keep up with revisions in chemical regulations.

    Thanks to years of working on the SDS authoring tasks, we are familiar with local requirements and common issues which enables us to establish an all-in service. Once necessary information is provided, we take care of the whole process.

    Furthermore, we have up-to-date SDS authoring software – Chemeter – that allows us to efficiently create compliant SDSs in the required language(s) of the target market. At each step, we keep assessing the details and monitor the wholeness of the content to ensure the quality of the SDS. 

    Compiling SDS in a clear, comprehensive, and precise manner is our internal criterion. Visual aspects, such as the company logo and color theme, are also paid attention to.

    Upon request, we will evaluate the existing data and relevant regulations to consult possible options for reformulation to minimize the hazard classification of the product, or for substitution of hazardous ingredients for safer ones. We also provide the service of compiling the extended Safety Data Sheets with exposure scenarios for cases in which eSDS is required by the regulation.

    At Chementors, we always generate qualified SDSs which are legally compliant, scientifically meaningful, and visually attractive.

    Chementors in numbers

    On our journey into the world of chemical regulation, Chementors has had opportunities to prepare:


    more than 10,000 safety data sheets


    in about 40 languages for clients from different countries. And the journey goes on.

    We provide our customers with clear plans and breakdown tables. Therefore you can make comparisons and decisions easier. Even more, you know what you get.

    How our safety data sheet authoring service process works

    Your SDS will be created by assessing the product formulation with the local regulation where the product is manufactured, distributed, or sold. Generally, to proceed with the task, the following information would be needed:

    UFI code

    Country of the destination market

    Information on the product formulation

    It would be also useful if any of the below information is available

    Safety data sheet of the ingredients which could be acquired from your suppliers.

    Information on physicochemical properties, toxicology, risk measures etc.,

    Then we take care of the rest…

    We author SDSs for multiple industries

    We create and write safety data sheets for products from several industrial areas such as:


    air care products

    construction products


    detergents and cleaning products



    paints and coatings

    personal care products

    products for animal

    Chementors provides Safety Data Sheets according to the legislation of over 60 countries

    BrazilNew Zealand
    Costa RicaPoland
    Czech RepublicPuerto Rico
    Dominican RepublicRussia
    El SalvadorSingapore
    GermanySouth Africa
    GreeceSouth Korea
    IndiaThe Netherlands
    IndonesiaThe Ukraine
    ItalyUnited Kingdom

    We also compile safety data sheets in Arabic languages.

    SDS authoring FAQ

    Frequently asked questions

    Jani Määttä and Jan Nylund founded Chementors in 2012 because of the increasing need for regulatory consulting in the chemical industry, based on their own previous experience in the field.

    The Chementors team consists of experts who are top professionals in their field. We cooperate closely with the authorities, so we are up to date on changes in laws and regulations. Chementors also has an extensive network of companies in various market areas.

    We will tailor the price for you case-by-case, for example, according to the order quantity. You can order work for one or more SDSs at a time.

    Yes, you can outsource various chemical safety issues to Chementors. Contact us to learn more about outsourcing!

    The company must have safety data sheets for substances and mixtures that it manufactures or imports to the EU. Preparing SDSs requires specific expertise, so the company can use a professional consultant, such as Chementors, to prepare them.

    All companies that supply chemicals are responsible for the correct content of safety data sheets and their distribution, even if they did not prepare them themselves. Chementors offers various solutions for authoring, translating, and distributing safety data sheets according to up-to-date regulations.

    • Substances and mixtures that are classified as dangerous
    • Slowly degradable, bioaccumulative, and toxic substances (PBT substances)
    • Very slowly degradable and very highly bioaccumulative (vPvB substances) substances
    • SVHC substances (substances of very high concern)

      SDSs must also be provided on request for the following chemicals:

    • Mixtures that contain dangerous or harmful substances, but are not classified as dangerous
    • A substance or mixture classified as dangerous intended for consumer use


    The company supplying the chemical must submit a safety data sheet to its customer as soon as the chemical is delivered to them for the first time, and when the SDS has been updated for various reasons. The safety data sheet must always be provided to professional users, but to consumer customers only upon request.

    The safety data sheet can be delivered, for example, as a pdf file via e-mail or in paper form. Providing safety data sheets through a website is not enough; it must be delivered provenly to the customer, for example, as a permanent link that leads directly to the SDS file.

    Countries require SDSs to be provided in official languages. In Finland, for example, the safety data sheet must be provided in either Finnish, Swedish, or both languages according to the customer’s wishes.

    According to the REACH regulation, an extended safety data sheet (eSDS) is required if the substance is placed on the market in quantities of 10 tons/year or more and is classified as dangerous. If the extended safety data sheets (eSDS) of the substances in the mixture are available, the relevant parts of the exposure scenario must also be attached to the safety data sheets of the mixtures.

    Once the necessary information is made available to us, we are able to deliver the SDS within a couple of days. Chementors also has an express delivery service for urgent cases where the SDS shall be ready in the next working day.

    Yes, we do. We provide translations of safety data sheets according to the legislation for over 60 languages. For more information about Chementors’ SDS translation service, please visit this link.

    Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of laws concerning chemical safety in Europe and throughout the world.

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