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Case Study: Our partner Lumene Oy

Lumene Oy is well known as a pioneer in the Finnish cosmetic industry. The Lumene brand and their top-quality cosmetics inspired by the Nordic lifestyle have been widely known for more than 50 years. Lumene’s goal is to lead the way in sustainable development in the cosmetics industry, utilizing natural raw materials while sharing the secrets of Northern beauty with consumers around the world.

Cooperating since




Lumene’s Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Companies such as Lumene need a trained and approved dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA) to monitor and guide them in matters related to packaging and transportation of their products.

Appointing a safety advisor requires resources and expertise from companies and the training of the DGSA must be kept up to date. The safety adviser must take a test to gain a certificate by Traficom showing that the person has sufficient expertise in packaging and transportation of dangerous goods and any related tasks.

The Finnish Parliament is drafting a legislation specifying that as of 1 January 2023 all appointed DGSAs must be notified to Traficom, which will act as the supervising authority on DGSA matters. However, the identity of the DGSA does not need to be communicated to Traficom.

An outsourced entity can also act as a dangerous goods safety advisor, so the company itself does not need to have a trained safety advisor within its personnel. Chementors’ DGSA service takes on these tasks on behalf of several of its customers, including Lumene Oy

Cooperation between Chementors and Lumene

In addition to their natural Finnish products, Lumene is also known for operating responsibly in the cosmetic industry. Lumene’s product development focuses on natural compositions, recyclable packaging and of course, product safety.

Chementors is pleased to be Lumene’s partner, contributing to their responsible brand with our extensive chemical safety expertise. Chementors and Lumene have been working together on chemical safety for almost a decade.

Chementors acts as Lumene’s dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA) and has also worked on Lumene’s safety data sheets (SDS) and chemical notifications (PCN, KemiDigi).


The way forward with Lumene and Chementors

The co-operation between the two companies will continue with the DGSA and possible other services, enabling Lumene to focus on manufacturing and marketing their top-quality cosmetics while Chementors handles Lumene’s necessary transport safety matters.

This way, the two companies together continue to operate according to the responsible and high-quality Finnish business standards.

”Chementors is a knowledgeable and active partner. We are happy to continue our fruitful cooperation in the future as well”, says Anna Niemi, Lumene’s technical manager.

Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.