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We write fully compliant EU SDS documents

Our seasoned chemical safety experts create and update EU-compliant MSDS/SDS documents.

We have helped over 400 companies create and manage their European chemical safety documents worldwide.

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    We offer the following EU SDS/MSDS services:

    We author fully compliant EU SDS/eSDS/MSDS documents

    We update your existing EU safety data sheet documents

    We translate your existing SDS and labels into multiple European languages:

    Including French, Spanish, German, English, and Italian etc.We also take into account the local legislation and the official language(s) of the country of destination.

    Authoring of fully compliant SDS

    We help international companies to write EU-compliant MSDS & SDS documents for the products they plan to place in EU markets.

    Our experts have extensive experience in compiling SDS and other safety information documents.

    Preparation of safety data sheets following EU regulations

    Branding safety data sheets with your company's graphic design and official logo

    Product labeling

    Chemical notifications to local chemical authorities

    Translation of existing SDS/labels into multiple European languages.

    Our EU SDS translation services comply with the highest standards of quality.

    We translate all types of documentation, including MSDSs, SDSs, Technical Data Sheets (TDSs), Product Information Sheets (PIFs), Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), and labels, while making sure that the translated SDS complies with the regulatory requirements of the target country

    A second translator – an expert in the field – always proofreads the translations of your SDS documents.

    We ensure the translated document is always accurate, compliant, and in line with your brand guidelines.

    Key thing is that we always translate the SDS which will include the local legislation and the official language(s) of the country of destination. Therefore the translated SDS from Chementors is not only a translation, but a comprehensively legal new SDS document.

    Updating of existing EU SDSs by REACH regulations

    We help companies to update their SDS documents according to the EU REACH regulations. The process consists of 3 steps:

    Identification of all products manufactured in Europe that require a SDS update;

    Preparation of the draft of your updated SDS document according to REACH requirements;

    Finalization of the document with feedback from our expert consultant;


    We work with different industries including:

    • manufacturing
    • health-care
    • consumer products
    • flavor and fragrance
    • pharmaceuticals
    • pesticides
    • and many others

    We are the EU SDS experts you can trust

    Chementors has been authoring and creating SDS documents for international companies for years.

    Our experts are always on your side to help you create, review, and edit your European SDS documents while ensuring its regulatory compliance.

    We always double-check the following elements:

    • formatting
    • content
    • substance identity
    • hazards identification and classification
    • physical/chemical properties

    EU SDS authoring FAQs

    SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet. It is a compilation of information that describes the intrinsic properties of the substance or mixture; the physical, human health, and environmental health hazards; instructions for safe handling, storing, transport and disposal; first-aid, firefighting, and exposure control measures.

    The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is a standard developed by the United Nations (UN) to globally standardize and harmonize the classification and labelling of chemicals. UN-GHS serves as a referenced standard so that each country and region can adopt its content and format to develop country/region-specific GHS versions.
    Member states in the European Union have established an EU-own version of GHS through the Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP) which regulates the Classification, Labelling, and Packaging of the products that are going to be placed on EU markets. EU CLP came into force in 2009.

    EU Safety data sheets are valid as long as their contents and format remain up-to-date with the current legislation.

    Yes, they are. The EU requirements on the format and content of safety data sheets are regulated by the REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, and the criteria for classification and labeling of substances and mixtures are determined by the CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008.

    The manufacturer or importer is responsible for writing a fully compliant SDS according to EU regulations.
    Based on the information or the initial SDS provided by their suppliers, other actors in the supply chain should also provide a SDS which is customized to the specific needs of their customers, for instance target customers, specific uses or exposure scenarios etc.

    Other SDS services