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Case Study: Introducing cooperation with Ab Nanol Technologies Oy

Cooperating since




About Nanol

Nanol has been operating in the chemical industry as a pioneer in lubrication technology since 2010. Their main market segments are heavy-duty marine and power diesel engines. Nanol’s additive formula ensures less harmful emissions and less need for repair and replacing of engines. On top of this, Nanol is also a responsible company within the safety and regulatory world of the chemical industry.

The challenge

Doing business in the chemical field poses a lot of challenges for companies through strict and regionally varying legislation. These regulations and legislations are there to protect consumers as well as the workers, but it also creates more obstacles and requires resources from the companies within the industry.


Cooperation between Nanol and Chementors

Chementors and Nanol have been closely cooperating since early 2015 in innovation and technology platform Smart Chemistry Park in Raisio, Finland.

When Nanol needed assistance with REACH registration, Chementors was happy to offer a helping hand with extensive expertise in REACH matters. In addition to the REACH, safety data sheet (sds) and label services, Chementors also acts as Nanol’s official Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

“Chementors took care of all necessary steps for the REACH registration of our active substance and they are always there when we need to find ways to comply with critical regulatory issues. They help us with all post-registration issues in addition to preparation and updating safety data sheets, correct transportation documents and labels.” Says Tanja Ilic from Ab Nanol Technologies Oy.

Future together

The cooperation with Chementors assures Nanol’s customers and partners that by complying with all regulations, their products are lawfully on the market and that Nanol cares for the safety of people and the environment.
“We appreciate Chementors’ customer oriented and professional care whenever we need assistance. By leaving demanding regulatory issues to Chementors we can focus fully on developing our lubrication technology.” adds Tanja Ilic.

Chementors’ team of specialists helps companies to survive in the ever changing jungle of laws concerning chemical, environmental and product safety in Europe and all around the World.

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