Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

The transport of dangerous goods is regulated in the European countries and in most of the surrounding countries as well by the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, otherwise known as the ADR.

The regulation states precisely on what kind of packages dangerous goods can be transported in, what kind of labelling is to be used and who can transport dangerous goods and where. ADR Regulation is very strict and extensive. There are slight national differences in the implementing of the ADR, but otherwise the regulation is implemented in the different member countries as is.

In many countries those engaged in transporting dangerous goods by road or railway, as well as those associated with packing, loading, or other security-related activity in dangerous goods transportation are to designate a security advisor to monitor and control this activity and to identify ways in which the work associated with the transport of dangerous goods is carried out as safely as possible.

Chementors Ltd has the official DGSA qualification and training as well as the right to act as a partner company. We can help you make sure you packages, labelling and transport documents meet the dangerous goods transport requirements in European area, so that your product will not get stuck at the customs and will not present hazards during the transport. We can also help you fulfill your Finnish legal obligations to have a DGSA.

Examples of transport labeling of chemicals that are monitored by the DGSA.

CLASS 3: Flammable liquids


CLASS 6.1: Toxic substances


CATEGORY 8: Corrosive substances


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