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SCIP database is soon ready for notifications from EEA countries


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From 7 November, companies from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway can submit notifications on their products containing substances of very high concern to ECHA.

The obligation to submit notifications to ECHA’s database of substances of concern in products (SCIP) has been extended to also cover companies supplying articles in the European Economic Area (EEA): Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. From 7 November, the database will be ready to receive their notifications. This change comes as the amendment to the Waste Framework Directive has been incorporated into the EEA Agreement.

For EU countries, the duty to submit SCIP notifications started in January 2021. The database now includes 8.7 million searchable article notifications, from over 8600 companies across the EU.

SCIP is the EU’s first public database of products with substances of very high concern. It was established under the Waste Framework Directive. The database enables consumers to make more informed purchasing choices and helps waste operators to further develop the re-use of articles and the recycling of materials.

Source: ECHA

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