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Four new hazardous chemicals added to the Candidate List in January 2022


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Four new chemicals have been added to The Candidate List of substances of very high concern as of 17th January 2022. The Candidate List now contains 223 entries for chemicals that can harm people or the environment (SVHC). Companies are responsible for managing the chemicals safely and providing sufficient information to their customers and consumers.

One of the four substances is used in cosmetics and has been added to the Candidate List as it has hormone-disrupting properties in humans. Two are used, for example, in rubbers, lubricants and sealants, and have been included because they negatively affect fertility. The fourth is used in lubricants and greases and has been added as it is persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic, and therefore harmful for the environment. More infomation on ECHA’s website.

These substances may be placed on the Authorisation List in the future. Inclusion on that list means that the use of the substance is prohibited unless a company receives an authorisation to continue its use from the European Commission.

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