Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Finland – Chementors executing Xi´s vision


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Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Helsinki Tuesday 4th of April on an official 2-day-visit to Finland. The visit aimed at advancing bilateral ties, increasing political mutual trust and expanding all kind of cooperation.

The Chinese leader visited Finland last time year 1995. The visit on Wednesday was very meaningful to Finland, due to the Finland 100th anniversary of independence.

Xi noted that Finland opened political ties with China already in 1950 and was the first Western country to sign a governmental bilateral trade agreement with Beijing. Currently, Finland is China’s third largest trading partner in the Nordic region, while China has been Finland’s biggest trading partner in Asia for 14 years.

During the visit, Xi said he saw “great space and potential for further economic cooperation and trade.” Chementors, with its headquarters in Finland, is making a lot of effort with its Chinese partners to execute Xi’s vision by lowering the regulatory barriers of chemical trade between China and Europe.


 “We will make many information seminars about coming REACH deadline of May 2018 for Chinese chemical industry. We can smoothly operate from our Hong Kong offices to help Chinese manufacturers develop successful registrations and chemical trade partnerships within all EU countries, including Finland.” said Chementors CEO Jani Määttä on Wednesday April 5th 2017.

Chementors’ team of specialists helps companies to survive in the ever changing jungle of laws concerning chemical, environmental and product safety in Europe and all around the World.

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