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Authorities to Check Poison Centre Notifications (PCN)


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PCN inspections safeguard human health

ECHA’s Enforcement Forum is launching a project to ensure suppliers have properly notified hazardous chemical mixtures to poison centres. These notifications are critical for effective emergency responses.

The aim of the inspections is to safeguard human health by ensuring chemical suppliers report hazardous mixtures to national authorities. These authorities then provide the information to poison centres, which rely on accurate data to advise citizens and medical personnel during emergencies. Correct information on hazardous mixtures is essential for an informed and effective emergency response.

Inspectors will verify that Poison Centre Notifications have been correctly submitted and will also review mixture labels and Safety Data Sheets if necessary. The specific parameters of the checks will be established at a later date.

The inspections will commence in January 2025 and last for six months. A report on the project’s findings will be published at the end of 2025.


Background on Poison Centre Notifications (PCN)

The 2021 enforced Article 45 and Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation aims to harmonize poison centres throughout the EU. This legislation introduces several significant changes and imposes obligations on companies that supply hazardous chemicals.

As a result, companies must report mixtures classified as hazardous based on their health and physical effects through the ECHA PCN portal.

Who is obliged to submit PCNs?

The obligation to submit PCNs applies to importers, manufacturers, and repackagers that place mixtures on the market. They are responsible for submitting a PCN in every EU Member State where the mixture is marketed.

The information submitted to the PCN portal must also always be up to date, as long as the mixture is still on the market. This means the notification should be updated to reflect the current hazard classifications if the mixture changes.

There is also an option for a voluntary submission for non-EU companies that helps with product confidentiality, of which you can read more here.

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