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Case Study: Kirjovärit Oy Finland

Kirjovärit Oy Finland, operating in Helsinki, is a respected name in the field of paints and restoration products. Founded in 2005, Kirjovärit is known for its high-quality and innovative products and good customer service.

The company imports and produces paints, screeds, painting supplies as well as gilding and restoration supplies. The company also acts as a representative of Boracol mold inhibitors.

Kirjovärit Oy Finland’s typical customers are valuable places such as churches, theaters and museums. Handling such customers requires high-quality and safe products and top-level legal documents, such as up-to-date safety data sheets. 

Chementors has prepared safety data sheets and submitted chemical notices for Kirjovärit’s products. Chementors has also been making sure that Kirjovärit’s products meet the regulatory requirements for biocidal products in Finland.

Kirjovärit Oy Suomi

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Safety data sheets for products imported from different countries

As the product range grows, companies may find it challenging to author and update product safety documents. For example, keeping safety data sheets updated requires special expertise and resources from companies, which take time away from running the business itself.Kirjovärit acquires high-quality and unique products from local operators in different countries, which may however bring challenges for example to the translation of safety data sheets for the destination market.

Kirjovärit as a responsible supplier

Kirjovärit is a supplier that invests in chemical safety. 
The cooperation has continued for several years. Chementors will keep Kirjovärit Oy up to date on the legal obligations in the future as well, because the legislation is constantly changing, and documents have to be updated from time to time.

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