Case Study: Introducing Hock Chemie

Hock Chemie is an innovative pioneer in manufacturing personal cosmetics materials. Their objective is to provide high quality cosmetic raw materials and services for global clients.

Hock Chemie’s aim is to innovate with advanced technology and grasp the market trend through utilizing their strong commercial experience and technical expertise to manufacture more and better raw materials and formulations.

Cooperating since




“In order to let our clients be the forefront of the trend, we try our best to provide professional technical solutions, bring sensory feeling of personal innovation and create good products to satisfy your requirements”, tells Hock Chemie on their website

Marketing to the EU

Selling raw materials for cosmetics to the EU market from the outside requires EU REACH compliance and an Only Representative (OR) from within the EU to handle the company’s REACH matters for the substance.

This will ensure that the company is allowed to market their substance in the EU by being up to the EU standards of safe use.


Hock Chemie and Chementors in cooperation

Hock Chemie’s Liang Huan Bin describes the REACH cooperation with Chementors:

“As we met Chementors the first time at in-cosmetics Bangkok 2015 expo, we knew that we would have to make a full EU REACH registration for our cosmetic raw materials which we export to Europe and would need a lot of help to get it done. During the later several discussions we received valuable information about the REACH registration process, timelines and costs.

In May 2016 we made an agreement for two full REACH registrations and Only Representative service with Chementors. Every time we had any questions or comments we got fast professional replies and answers for our problems, whatever time of the day.

Chementors has handled all various stages of the registration and not only that but also managed to save our money by contacting the authorities and relevant parties in registration. Chementors handles everything about registrations letting us focus on product manufacturing and sales.”

Chementors is looking forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation with Hock Chemie also in the future, bringing their high-quality cosmetic raw materials safely and compliantly to the European market.

Chementors helps companies survive in the jungle of chemical safety laws in Europe and worldwide.