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The KemiDigi project (digital chemical data management) involves collecting information on chemicals in one place and simplifying companies’ obligations to submit information on chemicals. Among other things, companies can use the system to submit chemical notifications on the chemicals they have placed on the market and maintain the chemical lists they require for permits and monitoring etc. The chemical ratio calculator for determining the operating level of chemical plants (Act on the Safe Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals and Explosives) will also be moved to KemiDigi in connection with the chemical lists. 

The KemiDigi pilot has ended for companies 

KemiDigi was piloted in two parts. During the summer, companies tested the submission of chemical notifications through KemiDigi. Testing of the list of chemicals was performed in October. Companies have given encouraging comments and useful feedback on the pilots. They have given constructive comments and development ideas for KemiDigi. 

Introduction of KemiDigi 

KemiDigi will be introduced in two parts in early 2019. The submission of chemical notifications will begin in February and the list of chemicals will become functional in April 2019. 

The collection of quantity information from chemical notifications for 2018 will not, on this occasion, be carried out at the beginning of March, but through KemiDigi at a time to be announced later. 

Due to the introduction of KemiDigi, the current e-mail submission of chemical notifications to the Chemical Product Register will end on 30 November 2018. After then, notifications can be submitted to 

KemiDigi in February 2019. Chemical notifications submitted by the end of November will be transferred from the old system to KemiDigi and all valid notifications will be available to companies. 

The list of chemicals held by Tukes for supervision in accordance with the Act on the Safe Handling and Storage of Dangerous Chemicals and Explosives will mainly be moved to KemiDigi in the early part of the year. In this way, they will form a basis for the chemicals list in KemiDigi, when economic operators log into KemiDigi for the first time. The exception is the list of chemicals that do not yet have classifications under the CLP regulation. 

Guidelines on KemiDigi and its use will be provided in a range of formats prior to the introduction of the application. Written guidelines, video clips and live events are forthcoming. 

Further information: 

KemiDigi: Minna Valtavaara, Project Manager (minna.valtavaara(at) 

Chemical Product Register: tuoterekisteri(at) 

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