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Chementors Ltd is attending Regulatory Summit Asia 2016 in Hong Kong Sep 7-8.

Chementors Ltd is attending Regulatory Summit Asia 2016 in Hong Kong Sep 7-8.

Regulatory Summit Asia 2016

Chemical Watch’s third annual Regulatory Summit Asia takes place in Hong Kong from 7-8 September 2016. Chementors is on display during the event promoting our services while over twenty experts from government, industry and professional advisers share their perspectives and understanding of the latest regulatory challenges facing industry today, including regulatory and compliance issues across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the EU and the USA.

Regulatory Summit Asia 2016


Join us at Chemspec in Basel 1-2 June 2016!


Chemspec is one of the most important international exhibitions for fine and specialty chemicals. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of chemicals worldwide gather in Basel, Switzerland in 1-2 June 2016. The exhibition is the place to be for international industry people for networking and joining numerous conferences and workshops.

We are also at Chemspec – come and meet us at Chemspec stand RS/A73! Also you are welcome to join us for the presentation given by our biocides specialist Mrs Sari Kuosmanen on Biocidal Products Regulation’s obligations for non-EU suppliers of biocides. The presentation takes place at “Regulatory services zone programme” on 2nd June at 11.30 – 12.00 am.


About speakers:

Chementors is covering all regulatory issues for us and also acting as our Responsible Person in Europe

“As we came up with the thought to open EU markets with our cosmetic products we realized that requirements by European regulations would be strict and complicated. Without special consultancy the mission would have been impossible. We contacted Chementors Ltd and ever since our cooperation has been efficient and profitable. We have launched a variety of cosmetic products in Europe and under process doing more. Chementors is covering all regulatory issues for us and also acting as our Responsible Person in Europe. Responsible Person service is valuable and mandatory for us since we do not have any establishment in Europe. Being dynamic and customer caring company we have been really lucky to find Chementors as our partner. – Sanjeev Bhatt – Radico, India ”


Chementors services are strengthened

At Chementors we proudly announce that we have further strengthened our team and expertise particularly in the field of biocides, but also in cosmetics legislation and REACH.

Sari Kuosmanen has now joined our ranks since this January. Sari brings a wealth of knowledge on biocides, chemical safety and toxicity assessment procedures.

Sari has already build a strong professional track record while working with biocides industry for over five years. She previously has worked in the Biocides division of TUKES (the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Authority), before moving to the private sector as a senior biocides specialist at a consultancy firm. Sari has a background in the pharmaceutical sector and biotechnology industry, with experience in developing active substances (drug candidate) safety studies and safety assessments.

We can offer our customers a wide range of services tailored to their needs. Get in touch with us if your company needs help in a variety of biocides or REACH-registration matters. We can advise on how biocidials and other chemicals are governed by regulations that affect your business and what kind of measures should be taken to ensure you can stay in business.

We will advise you on how biocides and other relevant chemicals legislation affect your business. We help manufactures and importers of biocides, active substance reach and stay on the European market. We assist in compilation of active substances, creating data sets and evaluation, inclusion to Article 95 list and making applications for biocidal product and biocidal active substance authorization.

We also help companies to find partners and set up consortia for cost sharing to keep costs down and under control.

Raisio, 20.1.2016
Chementors Ltd

Many companies still miss their registration duties

The third REACH-EN-FORCE project by ECHA’s Enforcement Forum shows that 13 % of inspected companies have missed some of their REACH registration duties. Only representatives and importers are more at risk of non-compliance than manufacturers of substances.

Helsinki, 10 December 2015 – Within the REACH-EN-FORCE-3 project, enforcement authorities in 28 countries inspected 1 169 companies and 5 746 substances in 2013-2014.

In total, 13 % of companies did not fulfil some of their registration obligations. In most of these cases, the non-compliant companies failed with registration duties related to one or two substances from their portfolio. However, 2 % of companies had not registered any substances at all.

The project was coordinated by ECHA’s Enforcement Forum and implemented in close cooperation with national customs authorities. The aim was to investigate the registration obligations of manufacturers, importers and only representatives.

Only representatives, who register substances on behalf of importing downstream users, are more likely to be in breach of their REACH-related obligations than other registrants. A dedicated investigation of supply chains involving more than one Member State was carried out by inspecting 104 only representatives. A third of them (32 %) did not comply with their specific only representative information duties as described by Article 8 of REACH.

The flow of information in the supply chain between only representatives and importing downstream users was also poor. It was often difficult to establish the structure of the supply chain as the respective importers could not specify the correct only representative and the only representatives did not keep reliable records of represented importers.

“The high non-compliance rate for only representatives and importers needs to be addressed by these types of companies and their stakeholder organisations,” says ECHA’s Executive Director Geert Dancet. “I also strongly advise third country exporting companies to keep their only representatives informed annually of the exported volumes to all their importers in the EU/EEA so that registration obligations are correctly identified.”

The project has proven that REACH enforcement authorities in the 28 participating countries have established effective cooperation with customs. This cooperation allowed enforcement authorities to make use of data from individual customs declarations in their routine inspections of REACH duties. Enforcement authorities and customs were encouraged to continue this type of cooperation in the future.

Source 10.12.2015: ECHA – Many companies still miss their registration duties

Chementors opens new office in Hong Kong

Chementors Ltd opened new office in Hong Kong. Our office helps your company to communicate and handle issues with our Chinese speaking personnel effectively. Our professionals can easily visit your factories or offices in Mainland China.

We help Chinese export companies and European importers to enter or stay in European markets by acting one-stop service in every chemical safety issue and registration.

We have connections to distributors to help your market entries. We can lead you to distributor or make quotations from European importers of their interest in your products. We can also act as your Only Representative and Responsible Person in Europe.

Our office is located at Room A, 8/F, Chun Wo Commercial Centre, 25 Wing Wo Street, Sheung Wan. You are welcome to visit us!

Chementors warmly welcomes you to enjoy our new website!

Chementors is inviting visitors to explore its new website, which has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. The website has an uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the company’s mission to be the global service provider and advocator of chemical and environmental safety.

The site’s refreshed and simplified look allows our customers to easily find up to date relevant information about topical issues in the world of chemical safety legislation. The new international business section is designed to serve the markets and businesses that operate between EU and non-EU countries.

To accomplish our company’s mission we are searching for partners on an international scale. We are able to offer our partners the best know-how on chemical safety issues in Europe, including all services listed in our new website links section. Thus, we can open the doors for many new opportunities in Europe. We can also serve the Asian/Chinese markets with our appointed global partners.

Chementors warmly welcomes you to enjoy our new website!