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Chementors Ltd strengthens its position in Finland and in the European Union


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Chementors Ltd and FinnREACH Ltd join forces by incorporating FinnREACH Ltd’s business operations as part of Chementor Ltd’s service package. Over 100 client companies globally have already benefited from this re­structuring of operations.

Through the merger, Chementors Ltd expands its top expertise to include REACH and biocide registrations as well as the related expert services, amongst others. Chementors Ltd becomes an even more versatile expert in the field of chemical safety, one of the best in its field in Europe. This acquisition is a win-win situation where strong expertise is combined with strong competence in industrial marketing.

The Managing Director of FinnREACH Ltd, Mr. Jan Nylund, will act as the Senior Specialist, Technology Director and Mentor to the growing team of experts in the new Chementors Ltd. The Director of Customer Relations at Chementors Ltd, Mr. Jani Määttä, will take on the duties of managing director, and Ms. Johanna Pyykkö (Sales Manager) will be responsible for sales activities.

The Company’s head office address will also change. Our new address is Hulikanperä 2, FI-37570 Lempäälä, FINLAND. Our business operations will continue in two localities: at Lempäälä and within the premises of Turku Science Park, in Turku.

Chementors Ltd works systematically to assist companies which are struggling with chemical safety regulations. Currently many companies in the European Union are operating illegally without being aware of it.

With this operational acquisition, Chementors Ltd provides its customers with a premium quality and complete package service where the goal is to achieve a long­lasting partnership with the customer.

Chementors’ team of specialists helps companies to survive in the ever changing jungle of laws concerning chemical, environmental and product safety in Europe and all around the World.

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